Headquartered in Denver, Colorado and founded in 1991, CLGS is a retained executive search firm that specializes in placing mid- to senior-level executives at healthcare companies across the country. Our unique and constantly evolving search process and our personal attention have built a satisfied, enthusiastic, growing client base.

Managing Director, Greg Hyman, leads the staff with a hands-on, team approach to provide an unparalleled level of service. Paul Rubin, who founded CLGS after a successful career teaching acting and directing theater, has retired from executive search and is currently traveling and writing. He continues to coach and advise Greg and the rest of the CLGS staff.

Where he's coming from:

Greg has worked in the recruiting industry since 1989 with a majority of those years spent managing CLGS search engagements and running the day-to-day operations of the firm. Past employment at Gallo Wines and another recruiting agency have taught him the value of details and planning. "I learned that if I worked my butt off for my clients and treated their businesses like my own, I would earn repeat business and my customer base would grow."


Determined, humorous and flexible with a desire to help other people reach their goals.

Biggest job challenge:

"Keeping all the balls in the air. An executive recruiter must be highly skilled at juggling."

When everything clicks:

For Greg, the ultimate reward comes from connecting with a client who's just as passionate about recruiting as he is. "Nothing beats having a client who relishes identifying and landing top talent, and will do everything he or she can to complement what I'm doing."

Landing a keeper:

Self-awareness is at the top of Hyman's list of admirable qualities in a candidate. "I'm impressed by a professional who has a solid understanding of his/her assets and liabilities and a clear sense of direction. I'm impressed with balanced people who manage to achieve both personal and business success. And above all, I look for energy, intellect and passion."

Best advice ever received:

Greg lives by Jim Rohn's philosophy of customer service: "One customer—well taken care of—can literally explode your business."